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about us
  • OYYAL, in Classical Tamil,means “TO ELEVATE”.
  • OYYAL, as the name suggests, strives for the elevation of society and people, choosing education in rural areas as a means.
  • Oyyal works for the empowerment of rural people and students by making them realize the importance of education.
  • Oyyal firmly believes that, educating a person per family can seeda revolution in the whole family, for generations to come and thus changing into a socio development factor.


Oyyal was seeded in the year 2012, by a group of likeminded young professionals from various parts and various backgrounds currently living in Bangalore. The Oyyalites,who were associated with various social organizations priorly, were chorded by the quest of striving for social well-being and with amotive to impact the environs they live.

Oyyal has now grown into a registered Public Charitable trust (Reg no: 57/14) by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Areas we work: Oyyal chose “Rural Education” as its area of work. At present, the land chosen for our work are the deep rural villages in Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu, which stands as one of the educationally backward districts


To Elevate Society through Education and Attaining Good Quality Education for all, including the unprivileged sections in the society

  • To Create Socially and economically healthy and self-sustained villages through Education
  • Education for all
  • Education with quality for the underprivileged
  • Eliminate school drop outs
  • Empower children in rural areas
  • Elevatefuture society


Our objective is to empower the society by insisting on the importance of education to rural people and students.

  • Nurture the knowledge and skill base of the students
  • Eliminating drop outs at High school
  • Arrange for guest lectures, focusing on career guidance, exam preparation, and nurturing extracurricular skills
  • Enabling students to go for Higher education after High School
  • Support for maintaining infrastructure
  • Arrange for temporary teachers, for key subjects