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what we do

Our objective is to empower the society by emphasizing and conveying the importance of education to rural people and students. Oyyal is primarily focused on these things.

  • Nourish and grow the knowledge and skill base of the students
  • Eliminating drop outs at High school
  • Arrange for guest lectures, focusing on career guidance, exam preparation, and nurturing extracurricular skills
  • Enabling students to go for Higher education after High School
  • Support for maintaining infrastructure
  • Arrange for temporary teachers, for key subjects

Oyyal focuses on the empowerment of all students in Nallur Middle School. Earlier we worked for

  • Chinnakothur, Krishnagiri district - 635121
  • Theertham, Krishnagiri district – 635121

Also, we are working for the upliftment of the entire Nallur Village by appointing a staff in the Nallur Village.

Till now, we conducted the following programs, in these schools:

  • Educational Awareness Programs
    Through this program we insist the need of education amongst the less guided students of those remote villages.
    • Methods to study with ease
    • Visuals inspiring, motivating and guiding the students
    • Followed by a discussion
    • Close monitoring of the students
  • Exam Awareness Programs
    This program erodes inhibitions, myths and fear about exam
    • Preparation and presentation methods
    • Tips and tricks to approach exams
    • Time Management techniques
    • Exam stress handling
    • Health Management Tips
  • Career Guidance Programs
    This program is to influence the 10th and 12th students to think about their career and move forward.
    • Details of courses and colleges
    • Suggesting the future opportunities according to their special skills and interests
    • Set a career path
    • Ensure a degree for every student and preventing Drop-outs
  • Motivational Programs
    This program intends to motivate the students to move forward towards their aim
    • Conduct One-to-One sessions to identify the issues of the children
    • Address the issues of children with the help of the teachers
    • Display motivational and inspirational videos
    • Exposure to education in a larger perspective
  • Parental Awareness Program
    This program plays an important role in connecting with the parents and focus on creating awareness and clarity amongst the parents to gain their support in educating their children.
    • Insisting on impact of parents
    • Making them realize the role of parents
    • Encouraging them to motivate their children and aid their children
  • Meeting Parents in their Houses
    We have started to visit each and every student’s house and meet their parents, to know them better in terms of their lifestyle and family situation. This would also help to bridge the relationship between Oyyal and parents. Talking to them face to face will help build trust on Oyyal and encourage them to support their children in studies.
  • Visiting parents of the students
    The team visits the parent’s of each and every student of the above mentioned school to understand the background and the obstacles caused by the family.
    • Building trust and rapport
  • Teacher Appointment for Key subjects
    Lack of teacher in a few schools we work and the complexities involved in filling it through the government was identified in the year 2012. The team decided to bridge the staffing gap by appointing teachers for key subjects in the schools. A teacher for English and a teacher for Social studies were appointed under Oyyal. The remuneration and the monitoring part of the teachers are handled by Oyyal.
    • To avoid failure rates due to lack of teachers
    • To avoid dropouts due to failure
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Assistance
    To avoid dropouts due to lack of proper classroom and toilet facilities and to provide better infrastructure
    • A classroom infested by reptiles and insects was renovated
    • A toilet was built for girl children
  • Oyyal appointed staffs in schools
    In the year 2012, when we were doing a program in a village called Chinnakothur near Shoolagiri of Krishnagiri district, we came to know that they did not have English teacher for their whole academic year and because of that number of failures were more. As we were doing that program just before their annual examination we could not help them in placing a teacher for English. Then we from OYYAL decided to find the root cause of this issue and found that there are many issues from top level [Government] till the bottom level [Parents]. But it takes time to solve all these issues and to fill the vacancies. By that time the failures among students will be increasing year by year. These failures increase the drop outs of 10th students for the subsequent years. On the other hand, some parents will choose to leave this school, for a better school. This would reduce the school strength and slowly the school itself might be closed by the government, which results in loss of education, at their neighborhood, for less privileged children. So we chose to take up the responsibility of placing appropriate teachers, who are graduates from local villages. We utilize the services of our local coordinator to find those graduates. The appointment is done for one full academic year to educate the students in the corresponding subjects. Finally we appointed Ms.Bhuvana, as a teacher for English.
    In Theertham Government school, many students failed due to unavailability of social sciences teacher. Oyyal took the initiative to appoint Mr.Shankaran as the Social Sciences teacher for the academic years 2013-2014, and also for 2014-2015
    In Chinnakothur, Maths teacher got transferred to other school, in the middle of 2013-2014 academic year. For the academic year 2014-2015, Oyyal appointed a Maths teacher, Ms.Sivaranjani for the benefit of students.
    For the academic year 2014-2015, we received a request from Government school, Nalloor in Krishnagiri district. Those school students do not have proper language writing skills, because of lack of teacher for their subjects. Village president and Headmaster requested help from Oyyal. Oyyal is looking for a good teacher in fulfilling this need.

    A Class room renovation and a Toilet set up

    In chinnakothur Government school, where we work, out of the 4 class rooms they have, one room was not usable due to the pathetic condition of roofs, which in turn led way to the snakes and other poisonous insects inside the class. So, students had to sit outside the class for studying. We decided to renovate this class room and accomplished it in July 2014. This school also lacked the toilet facility. This made life extremely difficult for the girl students and the staffs too. We have fixed this problem also in July 2014.
  • OYYAL SEED Points – An interesting learning experience for Kids
    This is a new venture (SEED – Students Education and Extra-curricular skills Development) by Oyyal to impart education for kids from Standard I to VIII, apart from the schools by concentrating more on the basic subjects like Tamil, English and Maths using Activity Based Learning Kits. Currently this project is getting operated in 10 different villages in Krishnagiri district
    • Chinnakothur
    • Nallur
    • Basthalapalli
    • Beallam
    • Gooliyam
    • Kalingavaram
    • Marandapalli
    • Bandarapalli
    • Karadikuri
    • Nedusalai

The salient features of this venture would be

  • To provide an infrastructure for the kids in villages to learn after school
  • Kids will be learning in Activity Based Learning Methodology
  • Materials developed by an highly skilled research team from a well-experienced NGO called AID-INDIA (Eureka Super Kidz Project)
  • To appoint two tutors per village and Trainthem with support of AID India
  • Provide Monthly remuneration for the tutors
  • Closely monitoring the skill gaps in tutors and also kids by regular assessment programs
  • To encourage students to concentrate more on out-of-school assignments like competitive examination, Extra-curricular skill competitions (inter-school and intra-school)